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We offer prevention programs in elementary through high schools as well as professional trainings and community presentations to spread awareness and empower our community through education.
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Since opening our doors in 1974, we have been working in and around Orange County to support all impacted by sexual violence.
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At Orange County Rape Crisis Center we envision a world free of all forms of oppression. This includes the murder, harassment, neglect, abuse, and degradation of Black people.

We mourn the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, David McAtee, and the countless other Black people whose lives have been lost to racist violence in all its forms this week, last week, and over the course of the last 400 years. We bear witness to the grief, rage, and weariness of Black communities across the nation.

We stand in self-reckoning with the ways that our movement to end rape has been complicit in the criminalization of Black communities. We stand committed to the urgent and complex work of dismantling racism from within ourselves, our organization, and our community. We stand in support of Black-led organizations fighting to affirm Black life and end structural racism.

We know many of our Black community members are seeking the space and time to heal and that many of our white supporters are looking for ways to help. In the next several weeks, we will be sharing resources to support this critical work. But for now, we simply wish to express empathy for the suffering of Black people and solidarity with everyone fighting to affirm Black lives and end racism.

Our Resilience Plan, A Letter from the Executive Director

It’s been a month now since our local schools sent students home to await the inevitable “stay at home” order from our state government. Like you, we’ve been taking it day-by-day at the OCRCC, doing our best to plan for a future we can’t quite envision while keeping our spirits up amidst the worry, fear, and grief. Click here to read more.

OCRCC COVID-19 Statement

Our Support Group Dates have changed

Click here for updated information about our Support Groups

  • Rape and Sexual Assault Survivors
  • Rape and Sexual Assault Survivors: Men’s Group
  • Survivors of Child Sexual Assault and Incest
  • LGBTQ Survivors of Sexual Assault
  • La Sala- Comparte con otras mujeres sobrevivientes de violencia sexual. Gratis y confidencial.

OCRCC is excited to announce our new 24-Hour Text and Chat lines! This confidential resource is available for survivors of sexual violence and their loved ones to speak with a trained counselor over mobile text or chat on our website. Anyone can access this line 24/7 by texting (919) 504-5211 or by navigating to our website and clicking here or clicking the chat button at the bottom right side of each page.

The Center will be partnering with the incredible folks at Alliance of AIDS Services – Carolina to host free HIV and STI testing at our space on the 2nd Tuesday of every month from 4:30-6:30 pm. 

During our 2018-2019 fiscal year we:

Served 816 survivors, providing support to survivors and their loved ones as well as offering resources for professionals and community members.

Provided 70 clients with short-term, trauma-focused therapy in both English and Spanish to primary and secondary survivors of sexual violence. 100% of clients in the therapy program self-reported a decrease in trauma symptom severity.

Offered 18 support groups and workshops, some in English and some in Spanish. Nearly 100 percent of participants reported that our groups helped them feel less alone in their experience and more supported in their healing process.

Provided Community Education programs to 15,064 youth and adults. In addition to Safe Touch and Start Strong programs in local K-12 schools, the CE team worked more closely than ever with Client Services staff to deliver community-wide education opportunities, bringing customized programs to faith communities, neighborhoods, and families across the county.

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OCRCC COVID-19 Statement

As of March 16th, the OCRCC offices are closed to both visitors and staff. The health and safety of our employees, volunteers, clients, and partners

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