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We can connect you to licensed mental health practitioners to support you in your healing journey.

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We offer free, short-term, trauma-informed therapy for survivors of sexual violence and their loved ones.

We are currently in the process of making exciting updates to our therapy program! Check back soon to learn more about our new therapy services for survivors and their loved ones.

During this process, our therapy referral services are still active! We will work with you to provide customized mental health and basic needs referrals that are a right fit for you. We can connect you with mental health providers who take insurance, offer reduced fees, or who provide pro bono (free) services.

OCRCC Therapy Programs

The OCRCC currently offers three avenues to therapy access. Read below to learn about our options and how to contact us for more information. 

OCRCC Contracted Therapy Program

  • Ideal for uninsured or underinsured local residents who are 14+ years old and who have experienced sexual violence.
  • We will work to match you with a therapist for a limited number of sessions at no cost to you.
  • For more information, call our helpline at (919) 967-7273 or email us at therapy@ocrcc.org

External Referral

  • Ideal for people of all ages who have insurance and/or an ability to pay the going rate for therapy
  • For more information, call our helpline at (919) 967-7273 or email us at therapy@ocrcc.org

Frequently Asked Questions

Therapy can mean a lot of things. Often, it involves meeting with a trained mental health professional and talking about whatever challenges you might be experiencing. It can last a few weeks or multiple years, depending on the therapist’s availability and your needs and preferences.

If you are working with someone you trust and who’s properly trained, and if you are wanting to make progress in therapy, it’s very likely that therapy will help you achieve at least some of your goals.

If you are unsure which option within OCRCC’s Therapy Programs is right for you, call our helpline at (919) 967-7273 and ask for Therapy Programs assistance. A Therapy Programs Coordinator will follow up with you to help you figure out which option is best for you.

Information for Therapists & Healers

We’d love to have you apply to be a contracted therapist! Apply here to be considered.

Join OCRCC’s Trauma Care Collaborative and receive free case consultations, professional development opportunities, self-care and mentorship opportunities, and more! Email therapy@ocrcc.org for more information on this upcoming opportunity. 

If you are a help seeker with additional questions, call our helpline at (919) 967-7273 and ask for Therapy Programs assistance. Trained advocates are available to assist you with your questions.  

If you are a provider with additional questions, you may call the helpline or email therapy@ocrcc.org for questions regarding how to get involved.