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Support Groups + Workshops

Our support groups offer survivors the opportunity to support each other, share coping skills, learn from each other, and understand they are not alone.

Support Groups + Workshops​

Our support groups offer survivors the opportunity to support each other, share coping skills, learn from each other, and understand they are not alone.

About Our Support Groups + Workshops

Each support group is led by two trained facilitators who have experience working with survivors of sexual violence. Most groups have 5-12 members, meeting once a week for two hours for 8-10 weeks.  Once they begin, groups are closed to new members. Our support groups are open to people of all genders unless otherwise specified. Facilitators will create outlines depending on the group’s wants and needs. These range from discussion topics, to art activities, to writing prompts, and more. In group, you will never be required to talk or share. We believe it is of the utmost importance to take care of yourself and your needs. During the first group, members will create a set of “Guiding Principles” or “Group Expectations” to help create a safe space for everyone.

Please note that all support groups require a phone screening and in-person meeting with the coordinator and facilitators.

Our workshops provide an opportunity for survivors of sexual violence and their loved ones to learn and practice skills for self-care, empowerment, and positive coping. Workshops can be a single session or series and are lead by experts or professionals for each topic.

If you are interested in joining a group or a workshop, you can call our helpline at (919) 967-7273 or contact us at groups@ocrcc.org. We can answer any questions you may have about our groups and how to sign up. Registration is required to join all groups and workshops. All our groups and workshops are free and confidential.

OCRCC holds events in accessible buildings and is committed to disability access, equal opportunity, and reasonable accommodation. We also offer childcare on request. To request accommodation or childcare, contact us at least 7 days in advance at (919) 967-7273 or groups@ocrcc.org.

How to Get Started

If you are interested in joining a support group, please call (919) 967-7273 or reach out to Groups@ocrcc.org to begin the screening process. Our Support Group Coordinator will reach out to set up an initial phone screening process; which is in place to ensure we are the right fit for your group needs. You will not be required to discuss or describe any experiences or trauma during the initial phone screening. It will cover basic information regarding your experience with groups, your personal support system, and how you heard about OCRCC support groups.

After your phone screening, if our services suit your needs, the Support Group Coordinator will reach out to schedule an in-person screening with the group facilitators. The in-person screening will not include any questions about your trauma history. The questions will focus on your learning style, your goals for group, and any accommodations you may need. If support groups are not right for you, our Support Group Coordinator will work with you to find services that suit your needs.

Due to the importance of creating a positive group dynamic, it is asked that group members miss as few groups as possible.

Upcoming Support Groups + Workshops

Our Support Groups are currently available virtually via Zoom.

Beginning in October 2021

1-hour sessions every week for 8 weeks. This virtual support group provides a safe space for all women who have experienced sexual violence to share their experiences and find support in community.

Contact groups@ocrcc.org to learn more. 

Current Workshops

Sunday February 2nd at 11am and Monday February 3rd at 2pm | at OCRCC
This drop-in workshop series, with two available sessions, is for anyone who has experienced, or believe they may have experienced, workplace sexual harassment. It’s a time to find support, connect with others, learn about your rights, and discuss resources in the community. Both sessions will be held in the OCRCC Office and led by trained facilitators. No registration is required. Snacks and refreshments will be available!

For questions or more information contact rvalentine@ocrcc.org

Examples of Support Groups and Workshops We Have Offered

  • Rape and sexual assault survivors
  • Survivors of child sexual abuse of incest
  • Sexual assault support group for men
  • LGBTQ survivors of sexual violence
  • Workshops and support groups for family members, partners, and friends of survivors
  • Workshops on navigating the legal system, meditation, yoga, arts and crafts, horticulture, and many more