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Events + Fundraisers

Check in on this page to learn about upcoming OCRCC events and fundraisers!

Events + Fundraisers

Check in on this page to learn about upcoming OCRCC events and fundraisers!

Join us for one of our many events or fundraisers to help support our mission to end sexual violence and its impact in our community.  Attending annual events like the OCRCC Holiday Auction and Punk Cuts to End Rape is an amazing way to invest in support for survivors and have fun at the same time! We’d love to see you there!

Thursday, August 25th 6:00pm | Vecino Brewing CO

Punk Cuts is back! 

Join OCRCC and the brave souls of the Punk Cuts Crew for an evening of head-shaving & rage-against-rape-culture fest benefiting the Orange County Rape Crisis Center.

Getting through the door is free, but we’ll have an awesome evening with a Live DJ, giveaway options and live Punk Cut auction for raising funds! 

Sunday, December 11th 7:00pm | The Carolina Inn
Join OCRCC for our 35th Annual Holiday Gala.

Stay tuned for more details!

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Wednesday, February 9th 5pm – 6:30pm | Zoom
Join OCRCC in welcoming Dani Leah Strauss, LCSWA to host this incredible workshop where we will begin to discuss the journey of coming back to sex and intimacy and self-support after harm. Topics to be explored include:

*How trauma teaches us to turn off our senses to stay safe – the process of turning the lights back on, slowly, with care 

*Spectrum of pleasure – exploring practices outside of sex that offer us chances to feel good 

*Comparison & rules as self-injury – how we make peace with the diversity of sexual experiences, how we understand and support our new bodies/brains after trauma 

*Support as a lifeline – where to go for help, the importance of talking to survivors and people with shared experiences, books/scholars that can keep us company 

*Communication – developing a trauma-informed language with ourselves and our partners 

*Bite-size embodiment practices – ways to begin feeling again 

To register for this virtual workshop, please email groups@ocrcc.org or call the office at 919-968-4647.

Check back soon for upcoming events and fundraisers!

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