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Trainings + Workshops

We offer trainings and workshops for professionals, families, and community groups. We also offer custom presentations based on your needs.

Resources for QTBIPOC Healing Network

Transgender people experience one of the highest risk factors of any group for sexual violence victimization; however, Black Indigenous and other people of color queer and trans survivors (QTBIPOC Survivors)  are significantly excluded from traditional sexual assault services due to stigma, distrust of mainstream institutions, lived experience of and/or fear of discrimination. OCRCC has invested in trans competency across the agency as well increasing trans representation in staff, board and volunteer corps; however feedback from clients, staff, and advisors with trans identities points to the need for a more community-based approach.

In 2023, OCRCC supported local QTBIPOC organizers and advocates to develop a series of resources for other QTBIPOC survivors who want to develop their advocacy skills through radical visioning, content area training, and community-facing harm reduction and prevention projects.

Here, you can learn more about the project and check out the incredible vision for QTBIPOC learning platforms.

Community Advocacy Guide, an online learning platform for QTBIPOC survivors to experience validation and community, and for non-QTBIPOC survivors and advocates to learn from “the experts” about what liberation and healing look like for them. This was the major collaborative project of the first cohort and 100% of the participants contributed content, voice, and imagery for the online learning modules.

QTBIPOC Healing Network of the Triangle- Resource and Contact Guide

qtipochealingnetwork-triangle This website is an archive of the process and accomplishments of the 1st year of the survivor advocates institute. This includes a resource library for folks who want to access pre-screened, QTBIPOC survivor-advocate approved resources for their own survivorship journey, and a platform to profile QTBIPOC Survivor Advocate professionals available for contract and consultation work.