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Join your fellow therapists and healers for professional growth and connection.

The TCC launched in April 2022 and has been growing and adapting ever since to meet the needs of providers in the community. While many members are psychotherapists, we have grown to include, welcome, and celebrate healers of all types who address trauma—yoga instructors, pelvic floor specialists, and more. All who want to grow in their ability to address trauma are welcome. 

A few examples of past events: 

We hope you’ll join us as we learn, connect, grow, and support one another in this rewarding and challenging work of addressing trauma. 


The TCC operates on Slack, as well as through a monthly newsletter. All are welcome to opt into both. 

To join via Slack, click here. Aren’t familiar with Slack? That’s OK! Once you join, you’ll have access to a “Slack 101” guide to help you get started. 

To sign up for the newsletter, scroll to the bottom and complete the quick form. We only send out emails once (or occasionally twice) a month. You’ll get updates on the latest offerings without getting a crowded inbox! 

By joining the TCC, you agree to lift up and honor the following OCRCC principles: 

Excellence & Integrity: Demonstrate ethical behavior, contribute meaningfully to the group, and handle conflict and feedback with maturity 

Equity & Justice: Strive to work against barriers and inequities; lift up those who have been minoritized 

Sustainability & Self-Care: Practice self-awareness, personal growth, and boundary setting 

Empowerment: Recognize that trauma survivors are the experts on their own lives and do not need to be “saved” or told what to do 

 Questions? Contact therapy@ocrcc.org. Thanks so much for your work addressing trauma and for your interest in the TCC! 

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