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Safe Touch Videos

Body Safety During COVID-19

Grandma Jasmine, with her granddaughter Ariana, read us books called “Staying Safe From the Virus” and “Safe Touches Only” to help us learn what we can do to help keep our bodies safe!

Made for kids age PreK – 2nd grade.

Click here to view this video’s Parent Lesson + Resource Guide.

Internet Safety During COVID-19

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, students are using the internet and technology now more than ever to keep up with schoolwork, friends, family, and entertainment. This video starts conversations about internet safety during the pandemic and beyond.

Made for kids age 3rd – 5th grade.

Additional Safe Touch Resources

Access additional ways, including downloadable activities, to integrate the Safe Touch curriculum in your household.

Safe Touch Lesson Guides

Find Parent + Caregiver Lesson Guides, which include overviews of curriculum, to accompany all Safe Touch Online videos.