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Feminist Friday

GOTI’m digging this Game of Thrones-themed study playlist – it’s all music from the show! Like the Game of Thrones, finals week often feels like a “win or die” situation.

This week’s Game of Thrones was deeply disturbing – the executive producers decided to take a consensual sex scene in the books and make it a rape scene on the show. Like, they took what was already a pretty deeply messed up situation (a brother and sister having sex in a church which holds the body of their dead son) and made it even more disturbing. I’m mad, the internet is mad, what they did to these characters and to the show is not okay.

Watch this awesome video “The Minority Experience at UNC” which includes student testimony on the challenges that minority students face at UNC.

The Toast just published this awesome article on the way many suffragettes held racist beliefs. There are a bunch of women we idolize for their contributions to first wave feminism, but many of them have said some really messed up things as well, and it’s really essential that we not forget that they were also deeply flawed.

Alice Wilder is our Social Media Intern. She works on a variety of outreach projects for education and advocacy.

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