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Feminist Friday

Happy Friday y’all! Celebrate the end of the week with a review of the progress being made around ending sexual violence! Plus, Gilmore Girls and Audre Lorde! …

AudreI wrote about the amazing girls of Youth Against Rape Culture and Hollaback Chapel Hill-Durham for SPARK Movement. They’re basically an all star activist team and they’re making moves in North Carolina.

Like any activist college student, I grew up with Gilmore Girls and while I always wanted to be Rory, this is a wonderful, chill inducing defense of Rory’s rival, Paris Geller makes me reconsider my Gilmore Girls role model.

Teenage girlhood is a kind of torture I would only wish on my worst enemies. Sure Rory had her troubles (choosing between guys, choosing which Ivy League to attend) but Paris truly felt the grunt of a geek solely focused academics and so completely clueless about boyfriends, dances, fashion, aka “girly” stuff. The same stuff I was clueless about too. No matter how many books she read or how many speeches she researched, nothing could prepare her for being a teenage girl. Through her entire run in Gilmore Girls, she’s seen as insecure and strong, smart and lost.

The hunkiest Veep of all time (don’t argue with me on this, it’s just true) Joe Biden, is starting the first of nine listening sessions on sexual violence on college campuses! It’s amazing to see national leaders taking a strong stance against sexual violence. Hopefully they’ll also respond to this awesome petition asking President Obama to include a current student sexual assault survivor on the task force.

I know I’m a few days late, but let’s celebrate Audre Lorde’s birthday with some of her most inspiring quotes. And in her honor, take some time off to rest and take care of yourself.

Alice Wilder is our Social Media Intern. She works on a variety of outreach projects for education and advocacy.

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