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Love Your Body!

Your silhouette does not perfectly fill in the lines of the body on the billboard. So what?
Your silhouette is real, you are beautiful.
Your smile is unique from that of the Orbit commercial.
Your smile radiates character, you are beautiful.
Your hair is unlike any other’s — your hair furthers self-expression, you are beautiful.
Your skin tone lies on a spectrum of warm colors. Your skin radiates, you are beautiful.

Image via NOW Foundation

It’s Love Your Body Day and the OCRCC invites you to celebrate with us. Loving oneself is a radical practice in a world that teaches us to despise, resent, and harm our bodies.

Why should we take some time out to love our bodies? Love for one’s body translates into respect for your body. Respect enables you to be conscious of your needs, wants, and desires. With this level of self-consciousness, what you want in your relationships reflects a true understanding of self. Confidence and love for your body opens the way for honest communication with sexual and romantic partners. Setting and understanding boundaries, maintaining each partner’s individualism, and reciprocal respect transpire from confidently communicating yourself to your partner. So embrace your body and all that it encompasses.

Honoring our bodies challenges rape culture, sexism and racism, ableism and size-ism. So let’s all do something today to love our bodies!

Admire yourself in the mirror. Discuss with friends or partners what makes you feel comfortable, uncomfortable, aroused, and loved. Do something that makes your body feel great—get a massage, knead some dough, drink a big mug of hot tea, stretch. Shout out your gratitude for the many wonderful things your body does for you every single day. Remember that love for your body translates into respect for your body and confidence in oneself.

Spread the word: wish someone you love a Happy Love Your Body Day.


Rachel Valentine is our Rape Prevention Education (RPE) Coordinator. She works with youth, parents, and professionals to prevent sexual violence in our community.

Julia Ramos is our RPE Program Intern. She contributes to our Community Education program with education and advocacy support.

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