Outreach Ambassadors

Ambassadors serve as the face of the Center in the community. Ambassadors are outgoing, approachable and enthusiastic promoters of our cause who are trained to make appropriate referrals to our services while spreading the word about what we do.

The Ambassadors program is a meaningful way for volunteers to support the Center, even if they have only limited time to give. Join us in building a stronger, healthier community!

Duties and Expectations

  • Represent the Center at community events such as health fairs, charity fairs, and festivals
  • Advertise OCRCC services and events through personal and professional networks
  • Cultivate opportunities for outreach presentations through personal and professional networks (e.g., faith centers, neighborhood associations, workplaces, etc.)
  • Deliver short “What is the OCRCC?” presentations to community groups
  • Make appropriate referrals to OCRCC services for potential clients
  • Assist with a minimum of 10 outreach/tabling opportunities per year
  • Initiate or coordinate a minimum of 3 new outreach opportunities per year (e.g., table at neighborhood health fair, presentation to book club, etc.)
  • Maintain highest standards of confidentiality

Questions about being an Outreach Ambassador? Contact our Community Education Director, Tracey Miller at tracey@ocrcc.org.