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Professional Trainings

The OCRCC provides specialized trainings to community members and organizations.

Professional Trainings

The OCRCC provides specialized trainings to community members and organizations.

For Youth-Serving Organizations


1.5 Hours
In this training, you will learn about best practices for youth-serving professionals (including for grades PreK - 12) in preventing, recognizing, and responding to child sexual abuse and other forms of sexual violence during the COVID-19 pandemic. Discuss how to be a safe adult for children and youth in your life during the pandemic and beyond! Available live or pre-recorded.

Keeping Kids Safe

1.5 Hours
This skills-based training is geared towards adults who have ongoing interactions with kids including parents and care givers, teachers, youth leaders, and mentors. Participants learn practical skills for setting appropriate boundaries with kids and adults, talking to kids about safety and their bodies, and putting conscious structures in place to keep kids safe from sexual abuse.


2.5 Hours
From Darkness to Light, this national evidence-based prevention training for adults is conducted by certified facilitators. Through a video and discussion, participants learn how to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to CSA. Participants come away with the tools to implement community change. CEUs may be available for some professionals.

Recognizing + responding to CSA

1.5 hours
This presentation dispels myths about CSA, teaches how to recognize red flags, and models how to talk to children about safety.

For Other Professionals


30-40 Minutes
“Resilience is the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats, or even significant sources of stress.” In this online workshop developed for Professionals and parents, you will learn the working definition of resilience as well as learn some tools to help build resilience during times of change. This is a self-paced workshop.

HOw to talk to survivors

1 Hour
This workshop is a primer for professionals who may interact with survivors on the job. We discuss the dynamics of sexual assault, the survivor experience, and basic guidelines for how to provide effective support to survivors when they disclose sexual abuse.

Self-Care + Vicarious Trauma

1 Hour
Professional who provide ongoing support and care for survivors are at risk for experiencing vicarious trauma. This workshop explores the function and meaning of vicarious trauma and provides practical guidance for developing self-care practices

Providing Trauma Informed Care

1-2 Hours
Trauma impacts survivors of sexual violence in a variety of ways. This training helps professionals understand the neurobiology of trauma, how trauma affects daily life for survivors, and how to navigate trauma in the context of providing professional care for a survivor. Appropriate for professionals in the system of care, including law enforcement, health care providers, and advocates.

Custom Trainings

Our team can tailor a package to meet the needs of your organization. In addition to customizing educational programs for your group, we can provide technical assistance on projects such as developing safety policies and response protocols. From specialized survivor support to empowering families, let us share our expertise with you.

Additional Trainings

-Empowerment Model of Advocacy
-Heterosexisn and Cissexism
-Intimate Partner Violence
-Understanding Trauma
-Vicarious Trauma
-Active Listening, Crisis Intervention, and Empathy
-Awareness, Oppression, and Rape Culture

-Diverse Populations 
-Navigating Legal Systems 
-Medical Response 
-Working with Incarcerated Survivors
-Survivors of Child Sexual Assault
-Acquaintance Rape, Stalking, and Sexual Harassment
-And more!

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