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For Adults + Families

Child empowerment programs work best when paired with adult education for care takers and family.​

For Adults + Families

Child empowerment programs work best when paired with adult education for care takers and family.​

Our Programs

sexual violence 101

45 Minutes
In this online workshop, participants will learn common types of sexual violence and their impacts, discuss the conditions that contribute to perpetration and victimization, and debunk common myths about sexual violence. This is a live, interactive webinar for adults.


30-40 Minutes
“Resilience is the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats, or even significant sources of stress.” In this online workshop developed for Professionals and parents, you will learn the working definition of resilience as well as learn some tools to help build resilience during times of change. This is a self-paced workshop.

youth and online communication during cover-19

30-45 Minutes
Parents and teens will learn tips for healthy online communication, internet safety, and online dating during quarantine. This training includes a short video and discussion. Parents and teens are encouraged to participate together and reflect on their family’s values. This workshop can be provided in a live virtual program or pre-recorded and is designed for families with kids of all genders ages 14-18.

Keeping Our Kids Safe​

1.5 hours
This program addresses parents’ and care takers' roles in preventing CSA and answers common questions such as: How do I talk about this with my child? How can I keep from scaring them? We discuss the programs presented in your child’s classroom, possible indicators of abuse, and ‘what if’ scenarios to review with your child.

Stewards of Children®​

2.5 hours
From Darkness to Light, this national evidence-based prevention training for adults is conducted by certified facilitators. Through a video and discussion, participants learn how to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to CSA. Participants come away with the tools to implement community change.

Recognizing + responding to CSA

1.5 hours
This presentation dispels myths about CSA, teaches how to recognize red flags, and models how to talk to children about safety.

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