SafeTouch Curriculum

SafeTouch teaches that every child deserves to feel safe at home, at school, and in their community. By identifying touches as safe, unsafe, or confusing, students learn that no one should touch their body in a way that makes them feel unsafe or uncomfortable. Students learn the Safety Saying – say no, get away, tell someone – and practice expressing their boundaries. The program also addresses the idea of secrets and tricks while teaching children that it is never their fault if someone else violates safe boundaries. We work with students to identify adults both at home and at school that they can talk to if they ever feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

These messages are repeated each year with age-appropriate language and materials, and families receive materials to reinforce safety lessons at home. SafeTouch is designed for continuous learning: each year’s curriculum builds on the skills and knowledge taught in previous years, offering students a clear and sustained message about safety and achieving best results for preventing violence. SafeTouch programs are research-based, meeting national and school standards for personal safety education.

SafeTouch Programs

You Are a Special Person
Ages 3-6 | 20-30 minutes
Together we read a picture book called Safe Touches Only, students practice the Safety Saying, and puppets are used to role play age-appropriate situations.

What To Do
Ages 6-8 | 30 minutes
Students practice boundary setting, learning ‘your body belongs to you.’ Students learn a safety song and safe ways to tell someone when they are uncomfortable. Together we practice the Safety Saying and brainstorm trusted adults.

Someone To Talk To
Ages 6-8 | 45 minutes
Students review and practice the Safety Saying. A puppet show addresses all types of abuse, with discussion emphasizing the importance of talking to a trusted adult. Students identify trusted adults and how to talk to them when they are uncomfortable.

Yes You Can Say No
Ages 8-10 | 45 minutes
A 15-minute video followed by discussion teaches students how to stand up for themselves in the face of abuse and how to talk to a trusted adult. Students use problem-solving skills to figure out how to be safe in situations involving games, tricks, and secrecy.

Internet Safety & Cyberbullying
Ages 9-12 | 45 minutes
Students learn about internet safety and digital citizenship, empowering them to reflect on their own internet use, identify safe practices, and practice positive communication. We introduce the concepts of cyberbullying and bystander intervention.

Preventing Sexual Bullying
Ages 9-12 | 60 minutes
Building on knowledge of bullying, this program shifts focus to unwanted attention from peers. Students learn what they can do and where to turn for help if they encounter sexual bullying.

  • 24-Hour Help Line:

    • 866-WE-LISTEN (866-935-4783)
    • 919-967-7273 (Local)
    • 919-338-0746 (TTY)
    • 919-504-5211 (Text)