Professional Training Programs

The Orange County Rape Crisis Center provides professional training for local organizations. Each program includes a workshop presentation by trained professionals, take-home materials for participants, follow-up consultation, and provision of crisis support services as needed. Our fees begin at $75 per hour.

For Youth-Serving Organizations

Recognizing, Reporting & Beyond
1 hour
Designed for professionals and volunteers who interact with youth, this program meets DHHS-mandated training requirements. Learn the red flags in adult and child behaviors that may indicate sexual abuse as well as how to respond and report. Excellent training for camp counselors, after-school teachers, etc. CEUs may be available for some professionals.

Keeping Kids Safe
1.5 hours
This skills-based training is geared toward adults who have ongoing interactions with kids, such as group leaders, mentors, teachers, and parents/guardians. Learn practical skills for setting appropriate boundaries with kids and adults, talking to kids about safety and their bodies, and putting conscious structures in place to keep kids safe from sexual abuse.

Stewards of Children®
2.5 hours
Stewards of Children® is a nationally recognized, evidence-based program that empowers adults in taking proactive steps to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse. The program features video testimony from survivors and professionals. Participants leave with concrete skills to address sexual abuse in their professional and personal spheres. This program is currently offered free of charge thanks to grant support. CEUs may be available for some professionals.

For Other Professionals

How to Support Survivors
1 hour
This workshop is a primer for professionals who may have to interact with survivors on the job. Understand the dynamics of sexual assault, the survivor experience, and basic guidelines for how to provide effective support to survivors when they disclose sexual abuse.

Self-Care & Vicarious Trauma
1 hour
Professionals who provide ongoing support and care for survivors are at risk for experiencing vicarious trauma. This workshop explores the function and meaning of vicarious trauma and provides practical guidance for developing a self-care practice.

Providing Trauma-Informed Care
1-2 hours
Trauma impacts survivors of sexual violence in a variety of ways. This training helps professionals understand the neurobiology of trauma, how it affects daily life for survivors, and how to navigate trauma in the process of providing professional care for a survivor. Appropriate for professionals in the system of care, including law enforcement, health care providers, and advocates.

Custom training
Our team of education and support professionals are happy to tailor a program to meet the needs of your organization. From specialized survivor support to empowering families, let us share our expertise with you.

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