Support Groups & Workshops

Support groups offer a safe space for survivors to talk to people with similar experiences of sexual violence, supporting and encouraging each other. Each group is led by two trained facilitators who have experience working with survivors of sexual violence. Most groups have only 5-10 members and meet weekly for 8-12 weeks. Once they begin, groups are closed to new members. Please note that all support groups require a pre-meeting with the coordinator and facilitators.

If you are interested in joining a group or a workshop, you can call our helpline at 919-967-7273 or contact us at We can tell you about upcoming opportunities and how they work.  All our groups and workshops are free and confidential.

OCRCC holds events in accessible buildings and is committed to disability access, equal opportunity, and reasonable accommodation. We also offer childcare on request. To request accommodation or childcare, contact us at least 7 days in advance at 919.968.4647/V, 919.338.0746/TTY, or

Upcoming Support Groups & Workshops:

Support Groups for 2019:

Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse & Incest 
Dates TBD for fall| at OCRCC
This 10 session discussion-based group will give survivors of child sexual abuse and incest an opportunity to discuss their experiences and gain support.
Registration required.

Rape and Sexual Assault Survivors Support Group 
Thursdays, April 11- June 13, 6-8pm | at OCRCC
This discussion-based group will give survivors of rape and sexual assault an opportunity to learn, share, and gain support from others with similar experiences of sexual violence. This group is open to all genders. Register by March 27th, 2019.

Circle of Sisters
Dates TBD for fall
Participants will have the opportunity to discuss how sexual violence and historical trauma have impacted their lives in a supportive healing space. This group is open to women who identify as Black or African-American and will be facilitated by African-American, female-identified facilitators. Register now. 

La Sala: a Space of Support and Healing for Spanish Speaking Survivors
April 18 – June 20
This is a space for Spanish speaking survivors of sexual violence where support each other, strengthening their healing process. Co-sponsored by Compass Center.

Self-Care Workshops:

Our self-care workshops focus on a different tool for self-care or self-exploration to help you on your healing journey. The goal of these workshops is to provide an opportunity to learn and practice self-care skills together and learn new skills for empowerment. Primary and secondary survivors of all genders are welcome to attend. All workshops are free and held at the Center unless otherwise noted. Pre-screenings are not required for our workshops, but registration is required for our planning purposes. If you have missed the registration date for our workshops there may still be room. Contact us at or 919-968-4647 to see if there is an open space.

The Clothesline Project 
Saturday, March 23, 10:00am-12:00 pm | at OCRCC 
The Clothesline Project is a display of t-shirts that contain written messages and drawings intended to illustrate the effects of trauma. Survivors, family members, friends, and loved ones are welcome to join us in designing t-shirts for the Clothesline Project. Participants can choose whether to keep their shirts or have them displayed at OCRCC’s Annual Shout Out! event in April. This will be a bilingual Spanish-English workshop, and childcare will be provided. This workshop is open to folks of all genders who have directly experienced sexual violence or who have supported others through their healing processes. Registration required by March 18, 2019.

Healing the Wounded Heart
In English | Saturday, April 6, 2:00-4:00 pm | at OCRCC
During this art workshop for survivors of sexual violence and their friends or families, participants will have the chance to reflect on their healing journey and express their story through art. Facilitators will discuss the international “Healing the Wounded Heart” movement and guide participants through creating their own heart using paint, designer paper, magazines, and other collage materials. Participants are also welcome to bring images or materials that are meaningful to them. Registration required by March 30, 2019.

Navigating the Legal System
Have you made a report and the legal process looks confusing? Would you want to report but you are not sure? Bring all your questions! Attorneys Gheisha-Ly Rosario Diaz, our Client Services Director, and Pahola Burgos, from Burgos-Chala Law, will facilitate this discussion-based workshop that will be offered in both English and Spanish. Registration required by April 30, 2019.

Handling conflict after trauma
Saturday, May 25, 2:00-5:00 pm | at OCRCC
How do I feel when dealing with conflict? How do I respond? This is a self-exploration workshop to develop helpful strategies for assertive responses. This workshop will help you understand your own response to conflict after the experience of trauma. You will also learn the 5 different handling conflict styles and how to approach conflict in ways that protect and benefit you. It is facilitated by Kathryn Helene, former Director of Learning for URI (NYC), a nonprofit serving survivors of domestic violence. Registration required by May 17, 2019.

*If you have missed the registration date for our workshops there may still be room. Contact us at or 919-968-4647 to see if there is an open space. 

If you would like to learn more about our support groups and self-care workshops, please contact our helpline at 919-967-7273 or contact us at for more info or to sign up.

If a specific group that interests you is not currently available, please contact us at 866-WE LISTEN or contact us at for information about other options:

  • Notification by mail, email, or phone of the next available group
  • Information about groups and therapy available in the community
  • One-on-one support services

Examples of groups we regularly offer:

  • Groups for adult survivors of rape or sexual assault
  • Groups for adult survivors of child sexual abuse or incest
  • Groups for male survivors of sexual violence
  • Groups for LGBTQ survivors of sexual violence
  • Workshops for family members, partners, and friends of survivors
  • Groups and workshops that use arts and crafts
  • Groups and workshops that focus on movement, yoga, dance, and/or the mind-body connection
  • 24-Hour Help Line:

    • 866-WE-LISTEN (866-935-4783)
    • 919-967-7273 (Local)
    • 919-338-0746 (TTY)