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Help us reach our goal by June 30!Your support has served our community with compassion and care for more than 40 years. Your generosity has allowed survivors to look to us for help, hope, and healing – and helped educate thousands of youths and adults each year. Your dedication to providing support, education, and advocacy against sexual violence has moved our mission forward.

We continue to expand in order to better serve our community, and your gift can sustain our growth. Please consider making as generous a gift as you can. Help us meet our fundraising goal by June 30!

 Your support provides help, hope & healing for survivors in our community.
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Kate’s Story

KateKate felt alone and weary. Her fight for justice left her feeling overwhelmed, until she turned to the Center. Through counseling, advocacy, and support groups, Kate found the strength and support she needed.

“I felt alone when I got raped,” she said. “But I never felt alone [at the Center].… They reminded me that I’m not a victim, that I’m a survivor.”

The Center helped Kate to heal, even as she confronted a difficult path. “Going through the legal process… there’s all this victimization, this victim label that you have to carry around,” she said. “But the [Center], they have never once referred to me as a victim, and I love that.”

Being at the Center, Kate knew that someone had her back. That someone includes you, along with every other donor and volunteer who supports our work and offers comfort to survivors like Kate.

Please make your gift today, and ensure that the Orange County Rape Crisis Center remains a safe place of support, healing, and empowerment for all those struggling to make it through a dark time. Click here to make your donation by June 30.

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