Capital Campaign 2016


For more than four decades, the Orange County Rape Crisis Center has worked to stop violence and its impact through support, education, and advocacy. As the premiere rape crisis center in North Carolina, we lead the field in both client services and violence prevention education. We provide 24-hour crisis counseling, therapy referrals, support groups, and legal advocacy. More importantly, we provide a place where survivors are welcomed and believed, where they know that what happened to them wasn’t their fault, and where they find the hope needed to heal.

But we don’t stop there. We go to the root of the problem, providing violence prevention education to youth and adults across Orange County. Last year, we reached over 13,000 people: parents who learned how to prevent child sexual abuse, teens who learned how to develop skills for healthy dating relationships, and children who learned how to stay safe.

Though public discussions about sexual violence can be hard and uncomfortable, we welcome them. In confronting these issues openly, we resolve to continue fighting for survivors and fighting for the health and safety of our neighbors.

The mission and purpose of the Center’s Capital Campaign are detailed in the Case for Support. In summary, strategic efforts to educate our youth and adults as well as to support survivors of sexual violence are of utmost importance to building our community as a safe haven for all.

Why A Capital Campaign?

Each year, the Orange County Rape Crisis Center serves about 600 survivors, their loved ones, and professionals. Annually, the community education team reaches over 13,000 students and adults through its acclaimed programs. Through our ever-expanding catalog of programs and services, the Center has become the gold standard for rape crisis centers in North Carolina and the nation. But limited funding, staff, and space hinder the ability of the Center to provide counseling, support services, training, and education to match growing demand.

Funding: The Center currently leases inadequate space for $65,000+ per year. By owning a paid for, larger facility, the Center would have more financial stability and more funds would be available for additional staff and services. We would be able to respond to more requests for support services, training, and education from across the community and state. Furthermore, many of those requests would be paid for, adding to the Center’s annual income stream.

Staff: As we emphasize long-term healing in addition to crisis intervention, many of our clients require in-depth assistance. And with the mental health system and other services lacking, we often provide support beyond immediate rape crisis services. Additionally, we receive a large number of requests from victim service providers for training and support. With additional staff, we would increase our support services through outreach to marginalized communities, expanded support group opportunities, additional counseling and therapy, innovative solutions such as an online hotline, and more. On the Community Education team, we receive so many requests for programs from independent schools, private organizations, and out-of-county groups, that we simply can’t fulfill them all. We also receive consultation requests from other organizations and school systems seeking to replicate our education program. With additional staff, we would expand our educational programs to more schools and private groups throughout the region, and we would provide professional support for victim service providers and educators, offering training across the state and beyond on best practices and program development.

Space: The current office space is pushed beyond its capacity for most needs. The Center needs small, private rooms for confidential counseling; a large space for support groups, trainings, and meetings; and additional office space for staff and volunteers. A larger office will allow us to better serve clients and the community as well as meet our expected growth.

For more information about the Orange County Rape Crisis Center’s capital campaign, please contact Development and Communications Director, Gentry Hodnett at 919-968-4647 or

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